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Uwe, Helge, Sebastian and Nils Leonhardt founded the Leonhardt Holding as independent investment and consulting business unit in 2006. As investors we try to further differentiate our business conception in order to both spread risk and seek global opportunities. Our effective centre of competence enables us to venture into new activities without regard to existing structures. The business world has entered a new market-driven era in which an innovative, proactive and risk-seeking behaviour characterises the prerequisite of the international entrepreneur. Markets, customers and products are the focal point of the business strategy. The entrepreneur leads the economic change, creates creativity and innovation and organises the factors of production in order to generate wealth. Our core competence is to discover, evaluate and exploit global opportunities. Moreover, the shareholder structure represents a clear definition with respect to the succession of the Leonhardt Group further emphasised by the fact that the next generation of the Leonhardt Brothers is integrated within our family group of companies. 

Soudronic AG Investment

One milestone of our industrial development is our Soudronic AG investment which we undertook in 2006. In connection with this, Uwe Leonhardt took over the function as Vice Chairman of the Swiss multinational enterprise. Subsequently, the Soudronic AG bought Cantec Essen – former part of Krupp – just one year later in 2007. The Leonhardt family as both owners of the Gebrüder Leonhardt – Blema Kircheis and shareholders of the Soudronic AG are thus directly involved in the most important companies of the industry. Founded in 1953, Soudronic’s headquarter is located in Bergdietikon near Zurich. Today, the company employs more than 600 people in its development and production facilities throughout the world. The company’s sales and service network covers more than 120 countries, reflecting a large and globally spread customer base. The Soudronic AG with its subsidiaries Cepak (Italy), Ocsam (Italy), Sabatier (France), Cantec (Germany) and Soudronic Guangzhou (China) develops, builds and installs a variety of machines for nearly all applications specific to the metal packaging industry and is regarded as the uncontested market leader. Soudronic is a reliable partner for an increasing number of customers and the industry’s premier source for single components and comprehensive turnkey projects relating to metal packaging.

The Soudronic investment next to the purchase of the Blema Kircheis is considered as the biggest entrepreneurial achievement of the Leonhardt Brothers.