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Mechanical Engineering Capabilities since 1861

BLEMA-MAJER as industry business unit of the Leonhardt Group is a globally operating company and specialist in manufacturing high-speed machines and lines for metal and composite packaging. As exporter we deliver our products – which are completely made in Germany – to more than 500 customers in over 50 countries. Our portfolio consists of innovative forming, lining and sealing machines as well as transfer and crank presses for can, end and cap making. Located in Aue/Saxony, our family-run and -owned firm employs more than 120 people, making it one of the largest companies of the region. In 2011, we celebrated our 150th anniversary.

Made in Germany – since 1861

This certificate signifies 150 years of research and innovation, 150 years of mechanical engineering capabilities, 150 years of internationalisation, 150 years of value creation, 150 years of tradition, 150 years of entrepreneurship and 150 years of German industrial history. As medium-sized and family-managed company we are one of the few manufactures within the traditional industrial sector left that can revert to this long and rich history. Our core value “We Create What You Imagine” is the underlying principle that guided our organisation at all times and that drives our industrial history – ambitious, but visionary.

The Creation of Value

We create added value through utilising the combination of raw material, manual and mechanical labour, and knowledge work. We then export our final product from Germany to all over the world. Our international customers, which are managed with innovative ideas and solutions by our global sales and service network, are considered as our biggest asset. Our sales representatives are the ambassadors of our company who travel around the globe. Our design engineers are the creative forces that develop products and provide solutions. By means of manual labour and state-of-the-art equipment, our production staff creates the components of our products. At last, our engineers assemble the final machine in our factory and commission it at the site of our customers. Our management is the dynamic and life-giving element which through its leadership makes our resources of production productive.

Industrial Monuments

The harmony of manual labour, mechanical labour and knowledge work underlined with the commitment and identification of our employees make a machine labelled BLEMA something really special. Hundreds of systems are proving their value every day in production on every continent. With this in mind, every machine which we install globally symbolises a monument of the German industrial history.

Video - 150 Jahre Kircheiswerk

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