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Global Ambitions paired with Local Roots

Local ties in tandem with the steady development of international markets have always been considered the catalyst for the entrepreneurial Leonhardt Brothers in order to establish a down-to-earth but globally oriented group of companies.

The fall of the Iron Curtain – as a symbol of Germany’s separation – and the succeeding reunion paved the way for the success story of the Leonhardt Brothers that started in 1990. The change of the social, political and economic system required more than ever an innovative, proactive and risk-seeking behaviour so as to exploit the extraordinary market opportunities at that time. These characteristics are still a prerequisite for the Leonhardt Brothers nowadays in order to constantly align the strategic capabilities of each firm with international market opportunities.

An unambiguous vision and loyal employees are required to live entrepreneurship, to create sustainable value and to develop principles and tradition. But it also needs succession so that these achievements are built to last. Hence the next generation of the Leonhardt Brothers is integrated within our family group of companies. We consider it our responsibility to pass on our entrepreneurial history.

The Leonhardt Group

The Leonhardt Group consists of independent firms that operate within the automobile, mechanical engineering and tourisms industry in an autonomous manner. Auto Leonhardt in Aue and Schlema, Audi Zentrum Chemnitz, Autohaus Leonhardt Ronneburg, Guesthouse Wolfsbrunn in Hartenstein and BLEMA-MAJER with its headquarter in Aue and branch in Tübingen are all self-governing business units of our Group and regarded as regional brands that stand for quality, reliability and customer satisfaction.

We further hold shares of Soudronic AG, which is the global market leader for production systems relating to metal packaging. With its sales and service network, the company headquartered in Switzerland covers more than 120 countries.

This financial investment independent of our other business units is considered a vital element of our decentralisation approach. Our philosophy of decentralisation is a design solution allowing for highest flexibility of our firms. This requirement is rooted in distinct products, markets and business concepts paired with autonomous management and objectives. This organisational model aims at operative and strategic effectiveness and is dissociated from central structures.

Adhering to our Principles

We declare our belief in both the principles of the free market economy and in Germany as industrial location. We honour the code of social and environmental sustainability, and we are conscious about our responsibility as the leading organ of society. We consider ourselves entrepreneurs with a social imagination rooted in respect for the affairs of society. We want to directly influence the future of our region. We regard the generated brand equity, the trust of our customers and the possibility to actively shape the economic and social environment as a big responsibility for us that guide our business. It was always one of our core values to link economic success with social engagement. However, only our success allowed us to render real social performances.


Uwe Leonhardt
Uwe Leonhardt
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Helge Leonhardt
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