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Guesthouse Wolfsbrunn

Offering the Extraordinary Experience to Everyone

The Guesthouse Wolfsbrunn as tourism business unit of the Leonhardt Group is an art nouveau styled and award-winning hotel with restaurant amongst six acres of parkland. As event-, romantic-, castle and business hotel we offer various possibilities for events, weddings, conferences, accommodation and gastronomic specialities. Located in Hartenstein/Saxony and employing 25 people, we are considered as one of the primary destinations within the region since 1998.

Between Myth and Truth

Built as a family home by the wonderfully extravagant mining entrepreneur Dr. Karl Georg Wolf in 1911, Guesthouse Wolfsbrunn occupies a breathtakingly idyllic setting amongst the scenic Ore Mountains. Wolf employed the best architects, craftsmen and artists of the era to create his art nouveau vision. The result then and a hundred years after its conception is a masterpiece on a mesmerising scale. The building has seen it all – extravagant luxury and wealth, war and misery, decline and rebirth. The house encapsulates Germany’s history throughout the last century. It started out as a capitalist’s summer residence during the reign of Kaiser Wilhelm I, before becoming a base for the national socialists – followed in quick succession as an educational centre for the communists. The walls of Castle Wolfsbrunn – as it became known – have been a contemporary witness of momentous epochs and still stand to tell the tale.

Wolfsbrunn – Fountain of Knowledge

Wolfsbrunn was acquired in 1997 by the entrepreneurial Leonhardt Brothers. An elaborate and passionate period of restoration followed, altering the castle and developing it into an exclusive 5-star hotel. In early 2010, the former “Schloss Wolfsbrunn” was relaunched as “Guesthouse Wolfsbrunn”. Of course, the hotel is every bit as extraordinary as it was in Dr. Wolf’s day, with excellent standards of accommodation, food, ambience and charm. The picturesque setting, amongst six acres of parkland, is the ideal spot to mix business with pleasure. In addition and symbolical for this is our fountain placed in the castle courtyard: Wolfsbrunn, Fountain of Knowledge.

Restaurant Artichoke

Das Artichoke ist unser renommiertes Restaurant im Gästehaus Wolfsbrunn. Unser einzigartiger Gastraum ist einer der bezauberndsten der Region - traditionell im Jugendstil gestaltet und bestückt mit verspielten und originalgetreuen Elementen damaliger Zeiten.

Seit unserer Eröffnung 1998 haben wir es zu unserem Auftrag gemacht, unseren Gästen unvergessliche kulinarische Erlebnisse zu bereiten. Unsere wahrhaftige Leidenschaft für das Verarbeiten und Servieren der besten regionalen Produkte mit warmer und freundlicher Professionalität, hat uns über die Jahre hinweg eine Reputation aufgebaut, welche überregional geschätzt wird.

Unser kulinarischer Ethos hat sich seit fast 20 Jahren stetig entwickelt und basiert auf wahrer Integrität und der Verwendung von frischen, saisonalen Produkten aus dem Erzgebirge, Sachsen und anderen vorwiegend deutschen Regionen. Wir kochen und servieren mit Geschick und stets mit einem Lächeln.


Wolfsbrunn Dream Wedding

The dream of every pair of lovers is a wedding which will stay in vivid memories as the perfect day even after many years – as a romantic, unique and unforgettable experience for the couple and its guests. A picturesque setting, a white princess dress, a glittering wedding ring, a delicious wedding cake and a professional photographer all belong to a dream wedding together with the culinary mouth-watering wedding menu, the wonderful wedding night and the heavenly honeymoon.

There are seemingly endless possibilities and offers aiming to transform a weeding into a dream weeding which appears to be out of this world. However, in order to be both the lovers and a great host, it requires intensive time- and money-consuming preparations.

Our portal “Wolfsbrunn Dream Wedding” assists you to ease your planning and preparation phase offering a qualitative and complete service. The careful selection of our partners is based upon a long-term relationship thus we are sure to offer you only the very best combining quality and competence.

We are really looking forward to guide, inspire and fascinate you endeavoring to make your wedding to an unforgettable proof of love – to a genuine dream weeding.