BLEMA: Retirement Reimar Friess

During a festive ceremony with owners, management and merited employees, Mr. Reimar Frieß, long-standing Director of Sales, was bid farewell on 24 July 2020.

Uwe Leonhardt, CEO and owner, honored Mr. Frieß in a laudatory speech for his professional life’s work at Blema: “After the restart of Blema Kircheis in the Leonhardt era in 1997, Reimar was instrumental in the success and economic growth of the company. As Director of Sales, he created a worldwide sales representative and customer network, which was the essential prerequisite for positive development. For 23 years he was always at my side and represented the company loyally and with great commitment. In doing so, he gained considerable respect and recognition from customers, the staff and owners. We owe him our utmost gratitude. By receiving the certificate of honor, Reimar goes down in the annals of the company and will always be welcome here.”

The duties of Sales Director have been taken over by COO Sebastian Leonhardt.