We founded our private equity and venture capital firm as independent business unit in 2006. As investors, we try to differentiate our business conception in order to both spread risk and seek global opportunities. Our effective centre of competence enables us to venture into new activities without regard to existing structures. The business world has entered a new market-driven era in which an innovative, proactive and risk-seeking behaviour characterises the prerequisite of the international entrepreneur. Markets, customers and products are the focal point of the business strategy. The entrepreneur leads the economic change, creates creativity and innovation and organises the factors of production in order to generate wealth. Our core competence is to discover, evaluate and exploit global opportunities.

With selective strategic and high-value investments in the fields of sustainability, metal packaging and technology metals, we have created a platform of world-class assets that actively enforce the global battle against climate change.  

The investment into Soudronic AG back in 2006 is considered a key milestone for our industrial development. Moreover, Uwe Leonhardt took over the function as Vice Chairman of the Swiss multinational enterprise. Founded in 1953, Soudronic’s headquarter is located in Bergdietikon near Zurich. Soudronic AG with multiple international subsidiaries develops, builds and installs a variety of machines for nearly all applications specific to the metal packaging industry and is regarded as the uncontested market leader.

With our significant shareholding of this €1bn valued enterprise, we have secured a key position in the global metal packaging industry.


We were able to secure a rare and exciting investment into this high growth international enterprise in 2021. TechMet was founded in 2017 and is building controlling or significant minority positions in world-class projects across the technology metal supply chain. The vision is to create a technology metals champion with strategic control over significant production of the key metals that will define and power the 21st century global economy. The prospects are driven by an inescapable macro-tailwind arising from the global adoption of EVs, renewable energy systems, and battery storage solutions in the fight against climate change.

We capture exponential growth and value trends with our strategic investment and actively support climate-positive technologies.


Complementary to our focus on sustainability is our investment into Technology Metals Market (TM2), which we completed in 2021. TM2 is the world’s first issuing and trading platform for technology metals connecting institutional investors, industrial hedgers, physical markets and proprietary traders with metals issuers. TM2 possesses the proprietary tech and cumulated experience to become a profitable marketplace for tech metals trading and has the assets to become a global & leading landmark market, trading and banking group.

With our investment, we are engaged in a key trading platform pertaining to technology metals and incorporate a multi-billion € IPO DNA.