In 2006, we established our private equity and venture capital firm as an independent business unit. Our investment philosophy is grounded in the principles of risk diversification and the pursuit of global opportunities. Through our effective center of competence, we are able to explore new business activities without being constrained by existing structures.

The contemporary business world has entered an era that is predominantly market-driven. Successful entrepreneurs are characterized by their innovative, proactive, and risk-seeking behavior. Business strategies are centered on markets, customers, and products, and entrepreneurs lead economic change by fostering creativity, innovation, and organizing production factors to generate wealth. Our core competency lies in identifying, assessing, and exploiting global opportunities.

Through selective and high-value investments, we have created a platform of world-class assets in the fields of sustainability, metal packaging, and technology metals. This platform enables us to contribute actively to the global fight against climate change.

In our pursuit of investments, we focus on creating long-term value for our stakeholders while simultaneously promoting sustainability. By investing in industries that are actively engaged in the fight against climate change, we can leverage our expertise and resources to make a meaningful impact on the world. We believe that our approach to investment not only generates returns but also helps create a more sustainable future for generations to come.

The investment in Soudronic AG in 2006 marked a significant milestone in our industrial development. It was during this period that Uwe Leonhardt took on the role of Vice Chairman of the Swiss multinational enterprise. Soudronic AG, founded in 1953 and headquartered in Bergdietikon near Zurich, is the uncontested leader in the metal packaging industry, with multiple international subsidiaries that develop, build and install machines for various applications.

Through our substantial shareholding in this €1bn valued enterprise, we have secured a prominent position in the global metal packaging industry. This investment has not only enabled us to gain access to a market leader in the industry but also provided us with valuable insights into the inner workings of the metal packaging market. We have been able to leverage this knowledge to make further investments in this industry and expand our reach into related sectors.

Our partnership with Soudronic AG has been a significant contributor to our continued growth and success. We are proud to be associated with a company that is renowned for its cutting-edge technology, exceptional quality, and commitment to sustainability.

In 2021, we secured a rare and exciting investment opportunity in TechMet, an international enterprise that is experiencing high growth in the technology metal industry. TechMet, founded in 2017, is acquiring controlling or significant minority positions in world-class projects across the supply chain. Their vision is to create a technology metals champion with strategic control over significant production of the key metals that will define and power the 21st-century global economy.

This investment is particularly significant given the current macro-tailwind driven by the global adoption of electric vehicles, renewable energy systems, and battery storage solutions in the fight against climate change. As these trends continue, the demand for technology metals is set to increase exponentially, and TechMet is well-positioned to benefit from this growth.

Through our strategic investment, we aim to capture the exponential growth and value trends in the technology metal industry. We are committed to actively supporting climate-positive technologies and are confident that our partnership with TechMet will enable us to contribute meaningfully to the fight against climate change.

We believe that investing in cutting-edge technologies that promote sustainability is crucial to creating a better future for generations to come. Our partnership with TechMet is a testament to our commitment to sustainable investments and our determination to make a positive impact on the world.

We completed an investment into Technology Metals Market (TM2) in 2021, which is complementary to our focus on sustainability. TM2 is a groundbreaking issuing and trading platform for technology metals that connects institutional investors, industrial hedgers, physical markets, and proprietary traders with metals issuers. TM2 has developed proprietary technology and accumulated significant experience, positioning it to become a profitable marketplace for technology metals trading and a global leader in this market.

Our investment in TM2 enables us to participate in a key trading platform focused on technology metals, which is expected to play a critical role in the rapidly growing demand for these metals in various industries. TM2 has the assets and expertise to become a landmark market, trading, and banking group with global reach, and our investment is a testament to our confidence in their potential to deliver long-term value to our stakeholders.

With our investment, we are engaged in a key trading platform pertaining to technology metals and incorporate a multi-billion € IPO DNA.