Blema is a multinational enterprise and specialist in manufacturing high-speed machines and lines for metal and composite packaging. Founded in 1861 in Aue/Germany – the cradle of German machine tool manufacturing for the can-making industry – the company is today considered to be one of the most innovative ones within its branch. As family-owned company, we are one of the few manufactures within the traditional industrial sector left that can revert to this long and rich history. Our core value “We Create What You Imagine” is the underlying principle that guided our organisation at all times and that drives our industrial history – ambitious and visionary. 

An interconnected business landscape has been understood as an opportunity and thus, we dedicate ourselves to the worldwide servicing of customers. Direct exporting as well as M&A constitute key components of our business. Hundreds of systems are proving their value every day in production on every continent. Over the course of the last years, we completed several strategic acquisitions of industry-related firms which further reinforced our leading position in the global market. 

Blema is the parent company of our machine engineering division. It became part of the Leonhardt Group in 1996. Since then, we have established a business model that is considered unique in Europe with respect to the manufacturing of highly complex, customised packaging machines and complete lines. For us, innovation means technological leadership and necessitates entrepreneurial behaviour. In order to develop new markets, we gradually acquire novel technology in an intelligent manner. In turn, this strategy strengthens our local Saxon roots while at the same time allows for international entrepreneurship.

Majer – as divison of Blema – is considered the world’s leading supplier of complete high-speed lines for the manufacturing of spiral-wound composite cans. Other product fields include the production of cheese boxes and baking trays as well as machines for the manufacturing of wine and champagne capsules. The acquisition was completed in September 2015.

As designer and manufacturer of paper converting and packaging equipment, PAKEA is providing customised solutions for the production of paper tubes, paper profiles and composite canisters. PAKEA is a worldwide leading supplier of production lines for the paper and the food and non-food industries. We acquired Pakea de France in December 2020; it is now a wholly-owned subsidiary.

M.S. Willett is a specialist for transfer and conversion systems based in Maryland/USA. We fully acquired the firm in February 2020 – which has been a partner for many years – and therefore strengthened both our service network in the US and our tooling competence. This foreign direct investment is an important step in our international strategy.