Investment TechMet Ltd.

In August 2021, we completed a highly sought-after investment into TechMet Limited and by doing so expanded our private equity portfolio into the rapidly growing technology metals sector. This is an exciting opportunity for us and a key decision with regards to our future strategic direction.

TechMet is a company which builds a scalable platform of world-class assets that produce, process, recycle and trade the metals critical to the technologies needed in the global battle against climate change. Technology metals are driven by an inescapable macro-tailwind arising from the global adoption of EVs, renewable energy systems and battery storage solutions. TechMet’s portfolio consists of strategic equity investments into multiple operating companies and venture divisions worldwide (including Li-Cycle, US Vanadium and Brazilian Nickel), which provide exposure to target technology metals; maintaining strategic control over substantial levels of productions across the supply chains is key in that respect.

The company is led by Brian Menell (Chairman & CEO) who is a world-leading expert with regards to natural resources projects. He is supported by a highly skilled board of directors and an advisory board of global leaders chaired by Admiral Mike Mullen, a former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the United States under President G.W. Bush and President Obama. The multinational enterprise is financed primarily by international family offices and high net-worth individuals as well as by the United States International Development Finance Corporation. The goal is to pursue new additional investment opportunities and to grow the current portfolio to +$2bn shareholder value in the near future.

“For us as Leonhardt Holding, this is a rare and complementary opportunity to extent our Saxon roots to another global player with the expertise, network and vision to shape the world of tomorrow. What is more, with this investment, we actively play part in the global technology revolution that enables the inevitable energy transition. We constantly have to align our strategic capabilities with environmental opportunities and thus, the internalisation of a market-oriented mindset focusing upon opportunity recognition and exploitation is crucial for successful operation. We are proud of this special shareholding and future partnership with Brian and his team.” – Nils Leonhardt