Shareholding Technology Metals Market Ltd.

It is with great honour that we can announce our shareholding with Technology Metals Market Limited (“TM2”) which we formally completed in July 2021. TM2 is the world’s first issuing and trading platform for technology metals connecting retail and institutional investors, industrial hedgers, physical markets and proprietary traders with metals issuers — miners, refiners, recyclers and mints.

The international new venture was founded in 2018 by Petur Georgesson, Sergey Karulin and Zakhar Nedashkovskiy. The trio shared a common belief that global markets could be harnessed by the power of technology, transparency, empowerment, democratisation and physical metal backing. With TM2, they launched a leading-edge platform that enables direct trading of metals that power technology globally. Currently, the company runs offices in London, Zurich, Moscow, Reykjavik, Shanghai and Krasnodar. Key global partners include Nasdaq, Mogli and Ideanomics. 

“The world is in the first phase of exponential demand growth for electric vehicles, energy storage systems, semiconductors, aerospace and robotics. The scale of technological evolution is rapid, leading to new discoveries, uses and application of technology metals for this trillion+ dollar industry. The company was co-founded by our long-standing friend Petur and it is great that we can now enhance our partnership. We consider this shareholding a corresponding step with our recent investment into TechMet Ltd. – we are now part of two exciting firms that truly operate at the global tooth of time.” – Nils Leonhardt